Additional Agency Services

Business Analysis

When Principals are busy working in the business it's hard to see what's missing or what would improve and enhance the business moving forward.

This is where having Property Management For You (PM4U) come in and conduct a Business Analysis is beneficial. 

We provide an experienced set of eyes to look over the entire Property Management organisation around items such as:

  • Staff conduct and Client interaction
  • Legislative Compliance
  • Property Files and Documentation
  • Systems and Procedures

A report is written outlining our findings and provides recommendations to help strengthen the agency and add value to Clients.

We are further able to provide Landlord and Tenant Letters & Checklists supplied in an easy to understand Procedures Manual.



Systems and Procedures

For your Property Management Team to be working at their peak, they need access to Systems and Procedures that help the entire office run efficiently and effectively.

PM4U can tailor a Property Management Manual specifically for you, and your Team.

You will be supplied with:

  • Recommendations on how to fine tune existing procedures within the office
  • Checklists outlining the step by step processes to be followed for every Property Management situation
  • The associated Landlord letters pertaining to each checklist
  • All relevant Tenant letters accompanying every situation

Whether your office operates using task based roles, or each Property Manager cares for a specific portfolio, PM4U can set this up so that all tasks flow effortlessly throughout the agency.

This is designed to assist the most experienced Property Manager as well as having sufficient detail for your new trainee to easily follow.



One to One or Agency Mentoring

Sometimes you don't need someone to tell you how to do it – you need someone who has been there before to help and hold you accountable.

Whether you are the Licensee or Principal, the Property Manager, or one of the administration team, Mentoring could be just the support you or your team are looking for.

PM4U offers Mentoring for either a fixed term or an ongoing basis to help create a profitable and rewarding Property Management operation.

If you're someone that has the knowledge and ability to do well within your industry but just needs that confidence push to the next level, or someone who struggles to tackle the hard tasks and needs coaching & accountability, then this may be for you.

We work with your team to allow all staff to conduct themselves with confidence and professionalism.