Buying / Selling a rent roll

Buying or selling part or all of your Property Management business should be an exciting time for you.  However, it can be quite an emotional rollercoaster.  As the Principal of a busy Real Estate Business or Property Management Agency you will already be strapped for time. Adding more hours to your day simply isn't an option.

If you are selling, you may find yourself thinking -

  • How do I ensure a premium sales price?
  • What's required for handover?
  • Is it best to have my Landlords sign new contracts before settlement?
  • When do I tell my staff and clients?
  • What timeframe do I have to work to?
  • What happens if Landlords don't transfer across at sale?

If you are buying, you may ask -

  • What do I check for at Due Diligence?
  • How do I add a new rent roll and not lose clients?
  • Do my Property Management team need more support and training?
  • How do I attract the right staff members to work with these new clients?

These are all great questions to ask.  As you know, selling or buying a rent roll is not something you do often, so do you know what to do to maximise your sale price or make sure you are only buying a quality rent roll?

After all -

  • Having the rent roll completely up to date and running smoothly will make you more money
  • Updates and information efficiently rolled out to clients ensures a smooth transition process
  • Landlords managed correctly feel secure ensuring a higher return from your retention refund
  • An efficient and effective due diligence process ensures you're only buying quality properties
  • Happy Landlords throughout this process remain long term in your business
  • Proven systems & procedures ensure a profitable PM division and ongoing customer retention

Leanne’s expertise ensures that you are kept fully informed every step of the way, always knowing what to expect and being able to discuss your queries or concerns. 

With an absolute passion for Property Management and being able to help you attain success when it comes to buying or selling your rent roll - the involvement of Leanne in this process will make you money, and save you money.

To find out how Leanne can assist you with buying or selling your rent roll, contact her today on 0401 291 161 or email.