One to One or Agency Mentoring

Sometimes you don’t need someone to tell you how to do it – you need someone who has been there before to help and hold you accountable.

Whether you are the Licensee or Principal, the Property Manager, or one of the administration team, Mentoring could be just the support you or your team are looking for.

PM4U offers Mentoring for either a fixed term or an ongoing basis to help create a profitable and rewarding Property Management operation.

If you’re someone that has the knowledge and ability to do well within your industry but just needs that confidence push to the next level, or someone who struggles to tackle the hard tasks and needs coaching & accountability, then this may be for you.

We work with your team to allow all staff to conduct themselves with confidence and professionalism.

For an affordable option to staff training and personalised mentoring, contact Leanne today on 0401 291 161 or email.